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HOUSTON, TX – October 6, 2014

Transtreme, Aveta Sign Agreement for Medicare Health Risk Assessment Services

Transtreme announced an agreement with Aveta Arizona to provide Medicare Health Risk Assessment services to its 10,000 members across Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

As with its other clients, Transtreme will implement its unique approach of an Embedded Nurse Practitioner Program, with the majority of services provided within Physician clinics while a smaller will be conducted in member's homes and residential facilities.

"We are so fortunate that our partnership with other Optum entities, including NAMM and Monarch Healthcare, has led to the demand for our services in other networks outside of California and Texas. We are excited that our model has now generated interest in a more traditional fee-for-service market as Phoenix, and we remain confident we will offer the highest quality care and ROI to all shareholders. Our focus on Humana members within the Aveta network will also allow us to impact important HEDIS and STAR metrics, which are high focus areas for both organizations" said Rick Michel, CEO of Transtreme".

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