About Transtreme

Transtreme, LLC was founded by a team of healthcare professionals, practice management, hospital, and business executives, as well as information technology experts, who initially came together to focus on the needs of physicians and hospitals as it relates to medical imaging shortcomings. As a result, a sophisticated proprietary technology was developed, that offered non-DICOM based imaging solutions and functionality at a much more affordable price relative to traditional PACS offerings.

As healthcare has evolved, so has Transtreme, now recognizing another opportunity to partner with clinicians and clients, while leveraging technological advances, clinical expertise, and the notion that patients are demanding and deserve a higher level of quality care.

Frustrated by current prospective health assessment offerings that only reach a fraction of patients, lack readily available and meaningful clinical content, and stop short of treating identified problems, Transtreme partners with clinicians who share our quest for quality, not just revenue. Our clients, specifically payers, are attracted to the competitive advantage of cost-containment and increased quality of care for their members.

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