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HOUSTON, TX – November 1, 2017

CEO Rick Michel announces company-wide 75%+ efficiency for embedded model.

Transtreme CEO Rick Michel announced today the Company has exceeded a 75% efficiency rate among all current markets, including Hawaii, California, and Nevada.

"We take pride in driving a highly productive, highly efficient, and cost-effective program for our clients. Our model and culture promotes and rewards flexibility, nimbleness, and a will-to-win attitude which has led to this remarkable milestone", he explained.

Rick and the Transtreme Leadership Team are aware that others have unsuccessfully attempted to replicate the Embedded NP model. "They are not even close to where we are in any of these areas. And the traditional home visit model continues to be a failing example of poor efficiency and a significantly lower ROI. We are extremely pleased with the progress that we've made in all markets, with continued year over year double digit gains in productivity and efficiency metrics".

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