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HOUSTON, TX – August 29, 2018

Transtreme Expands Annual Health Assessment Services to Texas.

Transtreme announced today that it has successfully completed its first day of providing its unique Annual Health Assessment services to patients in Texas, through its Agreement with Prominence Health Plan. "Today marks a special day, as we are now providing our services to those in need in the great state of Texas – where our Company was founded and serves as our national headquarters", said Rick Michel, Trantreme CEO. "Since our inception, we have envisioned initiating our model in Texas, and are truly blessed to be able to execute on that vision. Our rapid growth across multiple states, and with various partners, including medical networks, health plans, and academic entities, further proves that our model is unique, flexible, and, most importantly, rooted in high quality delivery and execution. On behalf of Transtreme, I would like to express our appreciation to Prominence Health Plan, as they continue to believe in our model, now working with us in multiple states."

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