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Frequently Asked Questions

At Transtreme, patient trust and comfort are two of our highest priorities. That is why our team of healthcare experts shared the most commonly asked questions and answers below. Please contact us at info@transtreme.com if we missed something that is important to you!

Choose comfortable clothes with the ability to expose your upper arm and feet/ankles for blood pressure, circulation and nerve function checks. Please avoid full length nylon stockings if possible.
Photo ID, Insurance Card, small pad of paper and a pen to record notes. Although we will access to all your physician's historical records, if you have have any recent lab/scan results, PCP and immunization records, recent ER visit information, advanced direction, PA or POLST forms, current medication bottles handy those are helpful but no worries if you don't.
A licensed Nurse Practitioner and possibly a Physician Assistant.
A detailed overview of any current medications, allergies, family history and personal medical history, recent ER visits/hospitalizations, safety review inclduing risks of falls and any needs for medical equipment. Blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, height and weight, memory screen, pain survey. Where appropriate, your visit may also include screens for circulatory issues, nervous system function, bone density, diabetes review (A1C, urine protein).
As long as you need it to take! Transtreme has a "one patient per hour commitment", ensuring all parties have enough time to get to know each other, ask questions and cover all the important details.
Your Nurse Practitioner will produce an electronic copy of your visit which will be sent to your Primary Care Physician and insurance company. There are no further actions for you unless otherwise noted during the visit. Note, although Nurse Practitioners are licensed to prescribe medication, your PCP knows you best and should be the one handling that directly.
Your comfort level should dictate whether you attend your appointment alone or with a trusted companion for comfort, translations or assistance with capturing notes.
No out-of-pocket cost whatsoever since this appointment is requested and sponsored by your health insurance company.