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Annual Health Assessments

Unlike traditional AHAs — with models that can lead to skepticism, higher client costs, and an inaccurate capture of true burden of illness—our embedded nurse practitioner model fosters trust and superior service.

Working within doctors' offices allows our NPs access to medical records while also allowing us to confirm existing diagnoses,identify new conditions, and close HEDIS and STARS gaps right at the point of service.

Home Visits

While Transtreme was largely founded as an 'anti-home assessment model', we have found a unique solution for homebound patients. Our core values include a belief that no one should be without comprehensive and regular health assessments, regardless of their ability to visit a physicians' office.

As a result of close partnerships with Physicians and Clinics, our team of Nurse Practitioners will first review accessible patients' medical records and gladly bring our unique AHA model on the road!

Chronic Care Management

Our proactive approach aims to keep patients as healthy as possible. We encourage the motivation to adopt a self-care mentality while monitoring and guiding each individual all along the way.

Our Clinicians maintain ongoing relationship with physicians and patients, further promoting the continuity of care and significantly reducing hospital admissions, readmissions, and medical spend.


Using an easy to navigate, online platform, our Nurse Practitioners conduct virtual screenings when in-person visits are not possible due to a safety risk for the patient.

We even take it a step further to coordinate the delivery of technical equipment (iPad) if they do not have their own and provide advanced tutorials to get them started.

Mobile Patient Testing

We provide end-to-end logistical strategy services, including site selection and any associated municipal coordination, supply procurement, safety planning, outreach communications, and staffing for all client testing needs.

Our team is fully trained in adapting standard practices to meet even the most unique of scenarios, including incorporation of safe, social distancing protocols where required.

Scheduling Support

Our team of schedulers do not simply manage appointments. We offer 24/7 support for any issues or questions regarding upcoming visits, contact existing network members with personalized invitations to health-focused events and provide reminders when it's been too long since we have seen them.

This service is available onsite at physicians' offices and/or remotely from one of our wellness center locations.

Patient Care Coordination

Support does not end at the time of scheduling. Partnering directly with one of our Nurse Practitoners, our Coordinators are responsible for tracking the full cycle of a small group of patient's ongoing care.

All with the personalized attention that can only be based on a true understanding of each individual's medical history and unique requirements.

Prevention & Wellness Counseling

We consult with patients and their support networks to anticipate, address and plan for any potential health-related problems.

We help individuals maximize their quality of life and longevity by adopting healthy daily practices such as exercise, fitness and nutrition.

Women's Health

Our annual well-woman exams conveniently take place right in the primary care physician's office, where the team already has a full understanding of each patient's entire picture of health.

This service presents the option for a single, comprehensive visit rather than seeing a specialist which may be less convenient and more costly.

Comprehensive Family Care

Quality healthcare starts at birth and includes prevention education for parents and guardians, as well as tracking of growth and development milestones.

In accordance with the AAP healthy guidelines for well-child care, we offer screening and assessments - as well as immunizations - from infancy through adolescence.